Aid Match

Every donation to the #AIDSfree campaign will be doubled by the UK Government up to £2 million. Cities bear a large share of the global HIV burden, and some of the highest HIV infection rates continue to be in Africa.

Through UK Aid Match, the UK government will match every donation from the public, pound for pound, and this match money will be spent on Elton John AIDS Foundation projects in Nairobi and Maputo – two cities that are making great strides in preventing infections and expanding testing and treatment, but where extra support will make all the difference.

For every £1 donated to the Elton John AIDS Foundation’s #AIDSfree charity appeal, the UK government will also contribute £1 of UK aid.

This means your support goes even further, ensuring even more people can be tested and be made aware of their status, more people can get on HIV treatment, and more lives will be saved. The match money will be put towards work with young men and women in both cities, as they continue to be the worst affected groups in both places.

Together, we can ensure no one is left behind.

Through UK Aid Match, the UK government will double public donations up to £2 million to be spent across projects in Maputo and Nairobi.