Globally, almost 37 million people are living with HIV. However, a quarter of these do not yet know it.

The theme for World AIDS Day 2018 was ‘Know Your Status’ and our AIDSfree campaign aims to drive this forward, so that everyone living with HIV can get support.

Testing is the first step of the journey. Once those living with HIV know their status, then they are on track to living a normal life, without fear of transmitting the virus to others.

We are raising money to get as many people tested for HIV as we can. We are also driving the conversations that are needed to make testing normal and stigma-free. This way, the millions of people around the world who are currently unaware of their status can be diagnosed, and go on to live a normal, full life.

Testing for HIV is quick, easy, painless, confidential and almost always free. Information on testing, what it involves and the process of receiving results can be found here.

For those living in the UK, a simple finger prick test can be taken in the privacy of your own home, which you can send to a lab and then receive test results in a format that best suits your lifestyle. Tests are also available at sexual health services, GPs, healthcare and community settings nationwide. In many cases the test involves a finger prick and results are ready within minutes.

You can order a free HIV postal test at www.freetesting.hiv or find out where to test locally via startswithme.org.uk.