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“When the test came out positive, he called me crying.”

“He hadn’t ever told anyone else about his sexuality, let alone about his HIV status. We talked, and when the test came out positive, he called me crying. He was…

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“Every time it has been without a condom, every time I was badly beaten.”

Meet Boby. She has lost track of the precise number of times she has been gang-raped. She thinks it is between eight and ten. “Every time it has been without a…

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Alla Melnyk, StreetPower coordinator: “The kids are afraid to speak out, so you never see them. They are the lost generation, quite literally.”

Ukraine is currently experiencing Eastern Europe’s second worst HIV epidemic, which has been exacerbated by a boom in drug use and lack of awareness about safer sex. After violence erupted in Ukraine in 2013 and the government…

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Larry Scott-Walker: “Once you’re living with HIV, no amount of shame is going to change it, so celebrate it”

Most members of Transforming HIV Resentment into Victories Everlasting Support Services (Thrive SS) can remember the date they tested positive for HIV as easily as their birthdays. And they’re marking…

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The Alexis Clinic: “We have patients who would rather die than be seen here”

In the reception area of the HIV clinic at University Hospital Lewisham, two women embrace. Clinical nurse specialist Marcia Barnaby has not seen Patricia (an alias), since she was diagnosed…

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Africa’s ‘King of Condoms’

Kenya has the joint fourth largest HIV epidemic in the world, with 1.5 million Kenyans living with HIV. More than half of new infections are among those aged between 15…

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Jane Anderson: 90-90-90 is only the beginning

Currently, 92% of people living with HIV in the UK  have been diagnosed. 98% of people diagnosed are receiving treatment, and 97% of people receiving treatment having an “undetectable viral…

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Dr. Asboe: Supporting and expanding HIV treatment in London

The number of people diagnosed with HIV at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, London’s largest sexual health service, has dropped by nearly two thirds in two years….

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Andrew’s HIV+ Diagnosis

Globally, 37 million people are living with HIV.  In the UK, 15 people are infected every day. Although HIV medical care is now excellent and affordable, more than 1 in 10 people living with HIV don’t know their status because they haven’t been tested. Andrew Bates was one of them.

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Amanda’s Life Beyond HIV

“The minute I heard those test results I thought ‘I’m going to die’ and that ‘nobody will ever want me again’. I just thought this was the start of a very miserable existence.”